Collection & Delivery Service

Available for our Local Customers Smallfield Crawley Horley Gatwick

Terms & Conditions Criteria

The vehicle must have enough fuel to complete a thirty-mile round trip and if the vehicle breaks down, recovery will be invoiced to the owner. Please ensure we are provided with the key(s) needed to open every door, the boot and the fuel cap of the vehicle to avoid any disruption to the MOT test

Any dangerous known faults must be communicated at the time of booking and we reserve the right to refuse collection


Call us today to arrange a collection for your vehicle 📞 Click To Call 01342 843988


Any mechanical faults which might occur on the journey are at the owners’ risk.

We cannot guarantee any return times although an estimate can be given on the day of expected return time If the vehicle is not insured, a surcharge will be applicable. Any previous MOT. certificates can be useful but are not Needed – however, these can vary according to workshop loading, traffic, etc.


*Please note this service may be subject to a small charge depending on the distance*